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Pokemon type calculator

This Pokemon type calculator is the most accurate and effective Pokemon type and effective matchup calculator. It is an online utility used by Pokemon game players, trainers, and enthusiasts to know and determine the strengths and weaknesses of different Pokemon against each other in battle games. This helps trainers and enthusiasts analyze and decide about their Pokemon’s strength and their opponent’s Pokemon.

How a Pokemon Type Calculator Works:

Here are detailed descriptions of how this Pokemon-type calculator works: 

Type Chart

To start using this type matchups Pokemon calculator, select the type of Pokemon you want to evaluate the moves. You can choose the type of your Pokemon from the list provided (Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Ghost, Ground, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Fairy, Steel, Dark, and Ice).

Enter Opponent’s Pokemon Types

After you have entered your Pokemon type, you also need to enter your opponent’s Pokemon type in our Pokemon

 type generator, and you can even enter multiple Pokemon types like water and grass. 


After entering the types of Pokemon, it is time to perform calculations. Depending on the Pokemon types selected. This calculator will analyze and compare the attacking style with the deafening type to diagnose and differentiate the effectiveness of the moves.

Shows Results

After performing the calculations, the calculator will display the result showing how effective the selected move by your Pokemon will be against the opponent’s Pokemon. It allows trainers to analyze what move will be the best to use in battle games to increase their chances of winning.

Key Features of Our Pokemon Type Calculator

Below are some features of our type calculator Pokemon application for users, trainers, and pokemon enthusiasts: 

Free of Cost

Our Pokemon type calculator is free to use for everyone. You can access it through your browser without paying any charges, and there is no need to sign up or register to use it. You can use it as often without worrying about costs or hidden charges.

Record & Database

Our type calculator Pokemon contains a descriptive and comprehensive database and record of Pokemon and their types. It makes it easier for users and trainers to search for specific Pokemon and their types without needing to add their types manually.

Coloured Representation

Our type calculator uses colored and graphical representation, making it more straightforward for trainers to understand the interface and type effectiveness calculation results. For instance, red color can be used to identify super attacking and effective, green for not very effective, and similarly, grey color to represent neutral type effectiveness.

Fast & Responsive Design

This online Pokemon calculator’s page and the whole website are hosted on a fast server, which means that this website is optimized and designed to be quick and responsive for its users. Users can use this calculator even with slow internet. It will respond adequately even while accessing with struggling internet connectivity.

Device Versatility

With an online browser, you can use this type calculator Pokemon utility with any operating system installed on any device. This type calculator is versatile, as you do not need to rely on any specific operating system and system’s physical specifications.

Team Sharing and Export

This Pokemon type matchup calculator provides a facility for trainers and users to share Pokemon teams with others in a format compatible with popular battle simulators, making it easier to compete or practice.

Type Effectiveness

Our Pokemon type matchups utility can handle multiple types of combinations smoothly. For example, if you are competing and facing an electric and water-type Pokemon, then this Pokemon calculator will automatically consider both types in type calculations.

Move & Attack Analysis

Another awesome feature of this pokemon weakness calculator is that it allows users to set and analyze the attack moves and provide pokemon type coverage insights. It helps identify the strengths and weaknesses in your movesets and suggests your moves according to the type of opponent’s Pokemon you usually face.

Pokemon’s Additional Information

This Pokemon type matchup application also provides additional information regarding a Pokemon, such as Pokemon’s stats, moves, and descriptions. Also, it suggests a better and optimal moveset based on your typeset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I input multiple types for my Pokemon and my opponent’s Pokemon?

Unlike other Pokemon type calculators on the web, our Pokemon weakness calculator allows you to enter multiple pokemon for you and your opponent to calculate strength and weaknesses and type matchups accurately.

Do I have to Sign up/register to use this Pokemon type calculator?

To use the type calculator pokemon application, you do need to sign up or register. You can just start performing your tasks just after accessing this website through your browser. 

How accurate is our Pokemon type calculator in predicting battle outcomes?

Our Pokemon type matchups utility provides accurate and correct calculations based on the typeset. However, battles depend on factors like Pokemon’s stats and level, moves, and strategies. 

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